Rugged Hardware
Designed in Australia


Motium has been an independently run hardware company since we opened our doors in 2002. Our global clients can rest assured that we take personal care in their work.


Located in Perth, Western Australia, our locally based team is dedicated to understanding and solving our clients’ unique problems with customised hardware & software solutions.


All our products are born from custom engineering for a myriad of different scenarios depending on the specific needs of our clients from around the world.


The final results of our custom solutions are always subject to rigorous checks and analysis before entering the field, ensuring consistent and resilient hardware.

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More About Us

Founded in 2002 Motium is a privately owned company that specialises in the design and manufacture of rugged, robust, reliable computers, LCD monitors, IoT, and networking equipment for use in rugged and harsh environments, such as mining, automotive, municipal services, public safety, and military.

Our customers are software development companies and system integrators who require reliable hardware to deploy their solutions.  We form long-term relationships with our customers.  Often we become the hardware partner.

Motium’s products are fully engineered for each target application by our in-house design engineers.

What sets Motium apart is the depth and breadth of our internal engineering, together with the level of technical support we provide our customers.

Typically Motium designs standard products which can be customised to meet specific customer requirements.  (We also design fully-custom products to meet specific customer requirements.)  Customisation can be as simple as changing the branding (including colour changes) thru to the design of custom I/O interfaces to meet specific requirements.

We have demonstrated skills in successfully designing products which operate in the field for many years in environments with continuous vibration, ISO-7637 load-dump and power transients, water and dust proof to IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP69, operating temperature ranges of -40C to +70C (with +95C survivability), and high ambient light levels.  Design of low-power consumption electronics to conserve battery power.  Design of integrated battery packs and chargers.

We are the company of choice for rugged, robust and reliable hardware for harsh environments.

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Rugged Hardware