Tuff Panel MPP 15.6"

Our rugged LCD monitors have been specifically designed for use in transportation and automotive environments, be it marine, aircraft or automotive.

Clever Technology
  • Motium’s unique sunlight readable touch display
  • Quad Core Processing Power
  • Resistive touch technology 

  • Diverse Wireless Connectivity (WiFi, 3G/4G/LTE, GPS)
  • Extensive IO (USB, RS-232)
  • Designed for continuous vibration environments
  • Real backlight control (no night-blindness)
  • Rugged, automotive grade connector
  • Mounting arrangement customisable to vehicle
  • Wide voltage input range, 6-60V DC
  • Transient and Surge Protection to ISO7367
  • OEM Customisable

Specifically Designed

Motium’s Tuff View MLE-1200 31cm (12.1-inch) Rugged LCD monitors have been designed specifically for use in the centre stack of customised emergency vehicles. They can also be used in automotive and transportation environments, be it in-vehicle for automotive (cars, busses, trucks), marine or aircraft. Each aspect of the design considered the unique needs of these markets.

The MLE-1200 is water and dust proof, and has been designed for operation in continuous vibration environments, and to cope with shock.

Superior Monitor

Image quality is brilliant, with very wide viewing angle and 1024×768 native resolution. The monitor is truly sunlight readable (with touch-screen fitted), and has real backlight control, removing any night-blindness issues.

The monitor can be supplied with a wide variety of mounting brackets to suit the unique requirements of each vehicle, Minimum order quantities may apply.

The touch screen interface supports both USB and RS232 (allowing operation with long cable runs). An internal speaker allows PC audio and warning tones to be easily heard.

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