Cables for Tuff View LCD Monitors

Tuff View monitor cable

Motium's Tuff View LCD monitor cables have been designed for use in rugged environments such as transportation and industrial control. Each aspect of the design considered the unique needs these industries.

The monitor end uses a high quality IP65 rated circular connector. A female connector on the cable-side reduces the risk of damaging pins or creating electrical shorts.

The PC-end of the cable provides standard VGA (DB-15), 2x Composite Video Inputs, RS-232 (DB-9) or USB, and Audio (3.5mm Stereo Jack) connectors. All moulded onto the cable, ensuring connection integrity to the monitor is maintained.

Beneath the outer sheath is a braided mesh, which in addition to mechanical strength provides protection against EMI and EMC.

The cable consists of three 75ohm coaxial cores for the VGA signals and Composite Video Inputs, plus multiple twisted pairs which carry the USB, RS-232, Audio, power and digital input signals. A ferrite bead on the PC-end ensures that radiated EMI from the PC is kept to a minimum.

Motium's range of cables come in many combinations of cable length, RS232 or USB data, and connector type. Customised cables to suit your requirements are also available.


Specifications for the LCD monitor cables are listed below.
Monitor High quality IP65 rated circular connector, with moulded boot.
VGA DB-15 with standard VGA pinout and 30um gold plated pins.
Composite Female BNC with standard pinout and gold plated pins.
USB Type A USB connector with 30um gold plated pins.
RS-232 DB-9 connector with 30um gold plated pins.
Audio 3.5mm stereo plug.
Power 4-pin 3.96mm-pitch.
Digital Input 4-pin 3.96mm-pitch.
Cable construction Black PVC outer sheathing, with woven braid over aluminium foil.
Ferrite bead on PC end, to reduce PC generated EMI.
Three 75ohm coaxial cables for the VGA signals.
Multiple single wires and twisted pairs for USB, RS-232, Audio and power signals.
Physical Characteristics
Weight 1.0kg for 3m.
1.20kg for 5m.
1.50kg for 7m.
Shipping dimensions 3m:   230mm Wide x 230mm High x 40mm Deep.
5m:   250mm Wide x 250mm High x 40mm Deep.
7m:   300mm Wide x 300mm High x 50mm Deep.
Rated Temperature -40°C to +95°C.
Humidity 0% to 95% RH, non condensing.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Model options

Cables for Tuff View LCD monitors are available in the standard models listed below. Custom versions are also available.
Model Description
133-03-01 3m Monitor Interface Cable with USB and VGA.
133-08-02 5m Monitor Interface Cable with USB, VGA and 2 x Composite.
133-09-05 7m Monitor Interface Cable with RS-232, VGA and 2 x Composite.
133-06-02 5m Monitor Interface Cable, Unterminated with USB and VGA.


Ordering options

In addition to the standard models listed above, TUFF View LCD cables can be made to meet specific customer requirements. Typical options are:
Option Description
Cable Length Cable lengths can be made to meet specific project requirements.
Cable lengths over 5m must use RS-232 for the touch screen interface, because the USB specification allows a maximum distance of 5m.
Connector Customer specific connectors can be fitted to the PC end of the cable.
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