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20 Years of Producing Robust, Reliable Rugged TechnologyMotium electronics manufacture

Australians are known all over the world as being some of the world’s most resilient people, and just like us, our products are born to withstand the TUFFest situations. It takes TUFF people to make TUFF technology.

Motium is an Australian based, privately owned and operated business established on the 4th February 2002.

Motium is self-funded, with profits continually re-invested into the business, to develop our technology, know-how, infrastructure, products, and fuel the growth of the business. Motium is deeply technical and are experts in the field of rugged, reliable products with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Motium has built a strong history of practical in field experience and understands the needs of its partners.

The Fleet Management experience has fostered an agile approach to technology recognising that a typical fleet management system is fitted across a range of vehicles from diggers and dozers to other heavy equipment in a mine site.

The Motium TUFF Panel PC product range is able to withstand extreme environments and are built to last for many years.  In addition, we also produce the TUFF Fanless Industrial PC and TUFF Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Our TUFF Cables provide our customers with the accessories to delivery a full rugged solution. 

Motium is driven by our customers needs and we continue to evolve and build our Custom TUFF range to deliver ruggedised solutions. 


Quality Manufacturing Capability

Motium manufacturing

Motium’s manufacturing facility is located at our head office in Bentley, Western Australia. It is designed to be a low-volume / high-mix manufacturer.

Our dedicated and custom designed facility, alongside our specialised and experienced staff, allows us to readily and cost effectively manufacture and ship orders ranging from 10 to 500 units per order. 

We have the capability and capacity to ship 1,000 units per order.


Customer Driven Design Philosophy

Motium is driven by a deep desire to produce world leading products in the rugged technology field.  By understanding the direct and indirect commercial impacts of product reliability, we are able to design accordingly for our customers.

At the heart of Motium’s design philosophy is:

  • Product reliability – reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Design for manufacture – to reduce production and repair costs
  • Innovative solutions – providing capability and performance

Motium can solve complex problems and create clever, precise solutions for the use of rugged technology in harsh environments.


Strong Management Team

With nearly 20 years of business stability, driven by listening to our customers, Motium continues to adapt and evolve with market opportunities. Motium invest in systems and processes, in order to achieve these goals. 

Along with a strong, proven management team leading 64 personnel with 250 years of engineering experience, Motium is your trusted rugged technology partner.

We are the company of choice for rugged, robust and reliable hardware for harsh environments.

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