Service and Repairs

Motium provides in and out of warranty repair for all products we sell. We also have repair centres throughout the world, with the ability to send repair kits to these centres. If you are having any issues with one of our products,  please contact our Service and Repair department, so we can diagnose the problem in a timely manner.


If you are experiencing an issue with a Motium TUFF range product (Panel PC, LCD Monitor, Fanless PC, IoT or Cables) please supply the following information to our Service and Repair Support Team:

  1. The product and its model number.
  2. As much information as possible relating to the problem.
  3. Your system configuration.

Once you have these details, please contact our Service and Repair Staff, by phone or email for further information.


Prior to returning any item in the Motium TUFF range (Panel PC, LCD Monitor, Fanless PC, IoT or Cables), please speak to one of our Service and Repair staff to confirm that they believe the item is faulty. You can contact our Service Support Staff, by phone or email

If you have been advised to return a product that is faulty, you are required to:

  • Request a Service & Repair number before returning the item.
  • Please print and include a copy of the Motium Service & Repair Form with your return.

Make sure you include on the Motium Service & Repair Form:

  • Return shipping address
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Contact email address
  • A detailed description of the problem

For any further assistance, please contact our Service Manager, Lee Cooper.


Lee Cooper
Service Manager

Possessing a double diploma in electronics engineering and computer systems, and with 5+ years of repair experience, Lee has the ability to ensure that our customers’ repair experiences are as flawless as possible. Beginning at Motium as a service technician, he has been excelling as Team Lead for 2+ years now.

Lee’s experience and his outstanding people management skills keep our Service & Repairs department running smoothly and always ready to assist. Contact Lee if you encounter any hardware issues with our products.



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