Waste Management – Rugged Technology

Providing Bespoke Rugged Technology Solutions to the Waste Management Sector

Motium has been providing reliable rugged technology to the Australian Waste Management sector for almost a decade!

In partnership with Carlson we support over 80% of all landfills Australia wide. Our TUFF units are primarily used to support the management and optimisation of waste compaction.

Motium designs and manufactures rugged technology for the waste management sector to assist with garbage collection and rubbish removal. Our partners include:

Our products eliminate excessive cumbersome hardware by providing versatile mounted units, as a result improving the user experience with better service and support timelines, and all-in-one software functionality.

The expertise Motium has accumulated over 20 years in rugged technology solutions enables improvements in the safety, efficiency, and automation capabilities of our partners. Motium’s strength comes from our willingness to work with our partners to ensure their needs are met.

Our products can be found across a variety of different industries (see here) and different environments, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, and Canada. The majority of our units are used in vehicle FMS (fleet management systems). Our experience in engineering bespoke solutions ensures that our solutions are fit for any purpose! Contact us to see how we can support you!

Case Study

In 2015 Motium was approached by 3Logix to find a robust rugged technology solution to replace an existing touch LCD display for their waste management application, primarily installed in front, side and rear loader waste collection trucks.

  • Improve reliability (less external connections).
  • Enhance Performance (allow for future software upgrades without major hardware changes).
  • Reduce physical footprint (less space required and installation complexity).

Motium proposed the TUFF Panel PC MPP-1020 (10.4 inch). It offered an increase in processing power, higher I/O flexibility, and had the correct display size to suit their application requirements. This platform also allowed for rapid and reliable integration of up to 4x camera inputs, WiFi, GPS, 4G LTE, Serial Ports, CAN Bus, Analogue or Digital IO as well as supporting their application which runs on Linux.

In addition to the above the TUFF Panel PC was able to provide 3Logix with:

  • Flexible and upgradeable storage, supporting terabytes of capacity across multiple locations.
  • Reliable Panel PC rugged technology – reducing downtime.
  • Custom designed rugged Motium TUFF Cables – limiting breakages and downtime.
  • Personalised repair training enabling 3Logix to repair their own products to reduce downtime.

The solution was rapidly integrated by Motium, tested by 3Logix, and with Motium support deployed for successful field trials, leading to a solution which exceeded customer expectations.

Within 12-months of the initial deployment of Motium’s new rugged technology solution supported an additional 4 cameras, doubling the initial 4-camera vision requirement. This was made easy thanks to our industry foresight and product flexibility – custom as standard. In the subsequent years we have also made continuous improvement in the areas of:

  • Enhancing the display brightness for even better sunlight readability in harsher environments
  • Introducing multi touch capacitive touch – for a more phone/tablet type feel
  • Supporting faster cellular network cards, offering greater data speeds for remote video access.
  • Improving the GPS – for higher precision location
  • Supporting later generation, higher powered processors for more application processing and a better graphics.

Constant opportunities to improve our products (and our partners experience) are possible due to the flexible and robust design, and our team that works with you to solve rugged technology problems. Contact our Sales team here to get into contact with us!