Custom TUFF

Creating solutions for rugged hardware problems


All Motium products are designed in house and offer OEM customisation.  Motium’s approach to highly integrated design means that OEM customisation goes beyond branding and includes hardware engineering, electronic engineering, industrial design and even packaging.

OEM customisation includes:

  • Labels and Bumper:
    • Front label with your branding (logo, icons and colours).
    • Bumper colour to match your branding.
    • Compliance label with your company logo, support information and part number.
  • Packaging:
    • Product carton label with your company logo.
    • Shipping carton label with your part number.
    • Shipping label with your part number.
  • Custom BIOS configuration:
    • Custom BIOS settings.
    • Display your logo on boot.
  • Custom Operating System build.
  • Custom Configuration Utility configuration.
  • Custom IO connectors, with specific pinning.
  • Custom internal expansion boards.
  • Custom packaging with nominated accessories.
  • OEM Expansion Boards.

Motium partners with our customers, providing ongoing support, updates and supply – ensuring that we continue to evolve our products to match our customers needs.

If you are after a TUFF OEM, please contact one of our Sales Consultants.


Motium has created a niche market in the rugged technology industry, with the ability to design, develop and manufacture rugged IT to suit the client’s solutions.

Firstly, through client involvement in the design process, leads to a bespoke, cost-effective rugged technology solution.

Secondly, our in-house engineering team, manufacturing team and after sales support team are all in one location. This allows us to deliver a carefully planned and well executed design with regular face to face team meetings.

Finally, we can manufacture bespoke products in a variety of quantities from small to large orders, depending on the customers requirements.

If you are after a Bespoke TUFF solution, please contact one of our Sales Consultants. 

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