Why Motium

Made TUFFer Down Under

Made in Australia, our products are born to withstand the TUFFest situations. It takes TUFF people to make TUFF technology.

Motium is the only privately owned and operated Australian business designing and manufacturing rugged tech from the ground up.

Motium’s rugged technology products are distributed across Australia and around the world, demonstrating no matter the location, we take personal care of customers’ requirements.

Proven, Verifiable Quality and Reliabilityrugged tech

Motium products are reliable and proven to meet extreme environmental challenges and conditions. With a quality assurance testing regime in place, all products are 100% QA tested before leaving Motium’s premises. This commitment to producing quality results in a minimal chance of down time or loss of productivity for our clients.

Our products often last for 5+ years and are able to handle all environmental- and work-related factors such as vibration, shocks and extreme temperatures.

Our products have applications in various industries including Mining, Transportation, Waste Management, Emergency Services, Industrial Automation, Construction, Defence and Marine and any business that requires a robust technology platform.

Extensive Industry Experience

“For over 10 years, Motium has consistently partnered with us to solve our challenges and deploy quality, reliable rugged technology.”  Wenco

“Motium  has always gone above and beyond to support our rugged technology requirements.”  Micromine

Motium’s solutions span a range of industries including mining, transportation and waste management. It is paramount for these industries to use a manufacturer that produces robust, reliable and quality rugged tech equipment. In-field issues with rugged tech equipment (including cables), can lead to a loss of productivity and create inconveniences and increase costs.

After 20+ years of experience in the rugged technology industry, Motium has developed a reputation producing high-quality, customisable and reliable rugged technology with applications in a variety of industries. Motium has the skills and know-how be your trusted rugged technology partner.

Backward Compatibility

All Motium devices are designed to seamlessly integrate and operate as one platform. This design philosophy allows for unforeseen future technological advances, where clients can access cost-effective upgrades and future custom requirements.

Our TUFF range of products has been designed to reduce downtime and costs for customers. For example, Motium’s TUFF Panel PCs and TUFF View LCD monitors are designed to be a fixed mount vehicle solution.

Plus, our TUFF Cables are built to last in machinery with constant vibration, dust and temperature extremes.

Full Supply Chain Custody

Motium documents supply chain traceability with diligence. If ever required, Motium has the agility to rapidly deploy second source components to our clients, minimising any potential downtime for our customers by quickly fixing any potential problems.

Bespoke TUFF

Motium has created a niche market in the rugged technology industry, with the ability to design and manufacture rugged technologies to suit our customers’ requirements.

Partnering with our customers, we involve them in the design process to identify their rugged technology needs and ensure we develop their ideal bespoke, cost-effective rugged technology solution.

Our in-house engineering team, manufacturing team and after-sales support team are all in one location. This allows us to deliver a carefully planned and well-executed design to our customers.

We can manufacture customised products in a variety of quantities from small to large orders. Whether you require 10 or 1,000, Motium has the capability to manufacture your solution!

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