Made TUFFer Down Under

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Motium’s advanced manufacturing team in Western Australia delivers world class procurement, manufacturing and quality assured products. With a responsive, WA-based manufacturing team with a wide spectrum of skills and tools, Motium products are globally recognised.

If we ever have supply issues, our engineering team are able to adapt and design components to provide solutions, resulting in orders being produced without or with minimal delays for our customers. The engineering team is flexible, agile and can react to these issues due to the nature and size of the company.


Motium’s engineering team is able to solve harsh environment technology problems with sophisticated solutions. Motium takes rugged technology challenges onboard and deploys in-house engineering experts to find the right solution for each client.

Developed by our in-house experts, who are continually researching and enhancing their engineering skills, the team are able to design and develop a product to suit any rugged technology solution, including Panel PCs, LCD Monitors, Fanless PCs and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Motium provides a multifaceted approach to product engineering requirements, which includes:

  • Software Agnostic
  • Secure Firmware
  • Structured SLAs
  • OEM and Customisation
  • PCB Design
  • PCB Assembly
  • Prototyping
  • Component Selection & Qualification
  • Authorised Remote Service Locations
  • Test Jigs & Harnesses
  • Enclosure Design enabling Company Branding
  • Cable Assemblies
  • API Software
  • Operating Systems


A commitment to manufacturing quality rugged products drives our design philosophy. Motium’s engineering and manufacturing teams are experts in the ground-up design and build of bespoke rugged computing technology.

Built on our experience, we design resilient and reliable rugged technology, anticipating future custom requirements. This means, when designing our products, we think ahead and allow for adaptions that may occur, thus saving time and expenditure for our clients.

Working alongside our clients provides the ability to customise a tailored solution to fix rugged technology issues.


Customers drive the development and build of Motium’s rugged technology, with the key to our success drawing from our customers.

With over 20 years of business stability focusing on customer service throughout the lifetime of the partnership, outlines Motium staff are responsive to the customers requirements, from initial dialogue, design, manufacture and for the lifetime of our product.

Our service and support philosophy ensures maximum uptime through documented fault identification, comprehensive parts repair kits and customised service and training programs to enable infield and remote maintenance.

The team possess exceptional client-facing skills, resulting in exceptional quality service throughout the customer relationship.


Motium produces reliable, bespoke, innovative engineered rugged Panel PC, rugged Tablet Computers, rugged LCD Monitors in a variety of sizes to suit any situation.

Motium also produces a robust, reliable, rugged Fanless Industrial PC and an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networking equipment.

TUFF Panel PC and TUFF View Ranges
Motium’s TUFF Panel PC (Rugged Tablet Computer), TUFF View (LCD Monitor) both with sunlight readability are able to to withstand extreme temperatures, electronic interference, mechanical shock and are rated IP65.

TUFF PC and TUFF IIoT Solutions
Motium’s TUFF PC (Fanless Computer) and TUFF Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are able to withstand extreme temperatures, electronic interference, mechanical shock, all with an IP65 rating.

TUFF Cables
We have also ensured our TUFF Cables are rated to withstand the rugged, harsh environments with up to IP69K rating. Enclosures with this rating are able to withstand rigorous high pressure wash-down procedure, a standard test used in the automative industry to test cables. In other words, our rugged cables are protected against dust, high temperature, chemicals, and high pressure water.


Motium has over 20 years of business stability driven by listening to our customers. We continue to adapt and evolve with market opportunities by investing in systems and processes.

Our philosophy of reinvesting in the company has lead us to be able to organically grow and expand our business in order to keep up with demand.

With an average employment length of 8 years for our senior management team and a combined 250 years of experience in our engineering team, Motium has the stability, capability and rugged technology knowledge to create harsh environment technology solutions.


Motium distributes thousands of products annually across the globe, each consisting of hundreds of individual componentsProviding products to Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe, Motium has the ability to work with customers in any area of the world.

Our global customer base advise we are the benchmark in their industry, providing exceptionally made products with excellent after-sales support.

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