New TUFF+ Panel PC

Motium's new fixed mount TUFF+ Panel PC is a highly customisable evolution of our existing TUFF platform. This rugged Panel PC has added support for new processors, Full HD screens with capacitive touch, and significantly increased the number of wired expansion interfaces and connector options.

Clever Technology
  • Supporting the latest Intel Elkhart processors, with quad-core processing power, up 16GB RAM, and an added AI processor.
  • Diverse wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G/LTE, 5G, GPS, GNSS and UHF). Custom wireless modules also available.
  • Industrial capacitive touch technology.
  • Full HD sunlight readable touch display.
  • Ultra-efficient, high brightness 700nit LED backlight.
  • UPS providing instantaneous protection for power interruptions.
  • Proprietary expansion board options available, in addition to standard card form factors.
  • New robust and recyclable aluminium enclosures.
  • Fully customisable connectors.
  • Supports multiple operating systems including Windows 10 and 11, Linux, and Android.
  • Extensive IO (USB, RS-232, RS-485, CAN, Ethernet and more) with various connector options.
  • Wide voltage input range, 8-39V DC.
  • Transient and Surge Protection to ISO 7637.
Aluminium Enclosures Capacitive Touch Customisable Rugged Panel PC IP67 Sunlight Readable Rugged Panel PC Vibration & Shock Proof Rugged Panel PC Wide Operating Temperature Range Transient Protection Rugged Panel PC Sizes

Customisable by Design

Designed for operation in the harshest environments and toughest industries, this high-quality, fixed mount rugged panel PC offers unrivalled flexibility.

The TUFF+ Panel PC is Motium’s most customisable rugged technology platform and can be transformed into your ideal rugged technology solution that is unique to your requirements.

In addition to the diverse range of wireless connectivity options available (including GPS, Bluetooth, Cellular, and more), the TUFF+ Panel PC offers custom wireless modules to suit your needs. Along with standard card form factors like M.2 and PCIe, Motium has on offer a proprietary expansion board option which provides unlimited future-proof upgradability.

The TUFF+ Panel PC allows for full customisation of interface connectors. You can choose from Motium’s standard QuickConnect interface connectors, customise your pin-out to consolidate wired interfaces, or change the interface connectors to fit your own standard.

TUFF+ Panel PC’s powerful capabilities and rugged design make it ideal for operation in remote locations and rough conditions including extreme heat and cold, harsh vibration and shocks, glaring sunshine or the dark of night. The unit is also completely dust tight and is protected against high pressure water spray and submersion in shallow water (IP67).

Powerful Features and Functionality

The intelligent design of TUFF+ Panel PC means it possesses the power and capability to last in the harshest environments and help you accomplish the toughest tasks.

TUFF+ Panel PC’s substantial 12.8-inch screen size includes  Motium’s ultra-efficient sunlight readable display and has been upgraded to include 10-point projective capacitive touch, optically bonded with anti-glare surface coating. With TUFF+ Panel PC you can see more and do more in the harshest environments.

TUFF+ Panel PC offers quad-core processing power and supports the latest Intel Elkhart Lake processors, offering up to 16GB RAM and an added AI processor. The most complex and demanding applications are supported by TUFF+ Panel PC.

Engineered for durability, TUFF+ Panel PC’s enclosure is made of partially recycled aluminium to enhance the strength and robustness of your panel PC.

TUFF+ Panel PC is packed with rugged, customisable features and is ideal for integration into any vehicle to ensure maximum productivity.

Industry Standard

TUFF+ Panel PC includes industry-standard VESA mounting points, fanless operation, and is designed for low power consumption.

The TUFF+ Panel PC provides support for multiple operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 11, Linux and Android.

Innovatively designed to ensure longevity, reliability and ease of use, the TUFF+ Panel PC is an outstanding, high-quality inclusion to any industry vehicle. Our products are the industry standard for durability and overall product quality in rugged technology.

For further information about this product or for additional questions about the customisation available with TUFF+ Panel PC, please contact us or connect on LinkedIn.