TUFF View Operates After Battling the High Seas!

A TUFF View designed and manufactured by Motium has survived a catastrophic incident on a fishing vessel 10km north of Lancelin.

Chris, the owner of the vessel, was more than 1.5km from the shore when a wave several metres larger than the bow of the ship crashed through the front window! Luckily the boat was able to make it back to shore under its own power. However all the electrical equipment had shut down due to immense water damage by this stage.

When Chris restored power to the vessel days later he was amazed to find our TUFF View monitor still functioning.

“I couldn’t believe that the Motium screen had survived the major impact from the water, not to mention the shattered glass from the front window!” said Chris.

Chris uses our TUFF View to displays echo sounder images, which are used for measuring bottom depth to place pots to catch rock lobsters. He has used the TUFF View for over 6 years.

“With over 6500 hours of faultless run time on the TUFF View, I know when I go to work it won’t let me down. I can’t recommend the TUFF View monitor enough!”

Chris has two other displays that he would’ve loved to replace with Motium products; however, he is still recuperating costs to repair the rest of the vessel. Luckily, the TUFF View he has will continue to withstand the constant pounding while at sea and remain visible during bright conditions with our extreme sunlight readability capabilities.

See the pictures below to check out the damage done to Chris’s vessel!

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