TUFF Access Point

Creating solutions for rugged hardware problems

MINETEC – Networking and Positioning System

Motium worked with Minetec to produce a networking device which could be used in the harsh environments of the mining industry.

The customer needed a hardened networking device that could be installed in the harsh environment in underground mines to reticulate power. The device also required high speed wired networking abilities, reliable wireless networking and a proprietary precision location module. The hardware also needed to be compliant for deployment around the world.

We scoped out an Access Point system that was designed to be deployed every 100m for thousands of kilometres that consisted of extreme temperatures, humidity, water, dust and electromagnetic interference. The hardware offered 99% continuous gigabit network throughput, as well as a meshing wireless network infrastructure.

Motium designed an Access Point, based on an embedded industrial processor with future proof upgradeability, cost effective manufacturing and a full set of global compliance certifications.

In other words, Motium solved the problem by developing one product to fix a variety of issues, thus saving time, money, whilst considering the upgradeability requirements of this product.

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