TUFF 3Logix

Creating Solutions for Rugged Hardware Problems



In 2015, 3Logix approached Motium to find a robust rugged technology solution for replacing an existing display in a fleet of waste management vehicles. The current display panels being used by 3Logix were incredibly unreliable.

Motium was able to solve 3Logix’s Panel PC display problem by utilising the Motium TUFF Panel PC, with customised requirements.

These requirements included:

  • Ability to design and develop a technology solution for 360° visibility vision surrounding the rubbish truck
  • Provide reliable Panel PC rugged technology, thus to reduce downtime
  • Produce rugged Motium TUFF Cables to reduce any breakages and downtown
  • After sales support, including repair training


The challenge to Motium was the ability to feed 8x cameras into the Panel PC display to maintain reliable recording, whilst integrating with the current fleet management, tracking, and reporting system.

Motium proposed they look at the just released TUFF Panel PC MPP-1020 (10.4 inch). It offered high processing power, is highly flexible and had the correct display size to suit their requirements. This platform also allowed for reliable integration of 8x Camera Inputs, as well as supporting their current software, Linux Build.


By working together with 3Logix, Motium proposed they look at the just released MPP-1020 TUFF Panel PC.  It offered high processing power and the right display size to suit their requirements.

Starting with a 4‑camera vision, we utilised our industry foresight to invent an 8‑camera system including our trademark TUFF technology, expanding the profitable market of our customer.

Motium stepped in to provide durable and dependable visual tech and reduce the load on their customer support by improving the quality of their dashboard systems.


Motium was commissioned to provide a multi‑camera hardware solution for vehicles working in the waste management industry.

This hardware addition, in conjunction with a 1TB SSD for long term video storage, has allowed the customer to:

  •             Reduce Installation Time and Complexity
  •             Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  •             Increase customer satisfaction
  •             Increase sales and revenue

With our support, 3Logix was trained on how perform their own repairs on the hardware, to reduce turnaround times. Motium was available to repair any larger faults under the repairs and warranty agreement.


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