Motium Doubles Up on Telstra Best of Business Awards

Motium has been named Western Australia’s winner in the Embracing Innovation and Outstanding Growth categories for Telstra’s 2024 Best of Business Awards program.

These awards recognise outstanding small to medium–sized Australian businesses with less than 200 full-time equivalent employees.

For a WA business manufacturing rugged technology down under, this is such an incredible achievement and recognises the amazing work our entire team does to make Motium successful.

Beginning with over 22,000 businesses across Australia, the comprehensive application process judged all facets of Motium. Getting to this point has truly been a tremendous journey and is a testament to the skill and strength of Motium’s TUFF Team.

From our innovative range of TUFF products designed by our Engineering team through to the agility and dedication of our Supply Chain team, who source the highest quality components from around the world, Motium strives to continue to deliver only the best rugged technology products made TUFFer down under.

Other categories in the Telstra Best of Business Awards include Accelerating Women, Building Communities, Championing Health, Indigenous Excellence and Promoting Sustainability.

You can read about the other winners from WA and across Australia at

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