Our Talented Team

Our dynamic management team is accountable for a sustainable company, championing our employees to uphold Motium’s values. Well thought-out strategies guide the company to achieve rugged innovative technology outcomes with a future focus.

If you have any questions about our company, Motium’s TUFF products, customised products, or design capabilities, please contact us. 

Andrew Warenczak

Our founder and Co-CEO, Andrew started Motium to do what he loves: creating and supplying products that solve real-world customer problems. With more than 35 years of experience in electronics design, manufacturing, and product development, Andrew spearheads Motium’s approach to everything rugged tech. Proficient in problem analysis, risk analysis, and solution development, Andrew’s extensive career history spans data communications, radio communications, telecommunications, oil and gas, digital signage, and defence. Andrew’s commitment to excellence in all areas keeps Motium a trusted partner for customers in the rugged technology industry.

E: andrew@motium.com

Jackie Shervington

Joining Motium in late 2020, Jackie brings new leadership to our team, implementing strategic plans and business cadence for growth and innovation. In doing so, Jackie draws on her breadth of world-class experience in multiple industries including energy, banking, and technology. Sharing her enthusiasm and zest, Jackie inspires, steers, coaches, and engages the entire team to achieve our vision and deliver success for Motium and our customers. Passionate about using innovation to realise growth for Motium, it is Jackie’s diversity of insights and critical thinking that lead us forward.

E: jackie@motium.com


Andre Gadellaa
VP Business Development & Sales

Andre has spent more than 17 years with Motium, making him our second-longest serving employee. With a love for the dynamic and incredibly challenging rugged technology industry, Andre guides our corporate direction and commercial growth using his years of experience. Especially creative and adept at solving problems, he educates our customer-facing teams towards understanding the wants and needs of our customers. Committed to doing whatever he can for our customers, Andre should be contacted for any questions, queries, requirements, or concerns and will do everything he can to help you solve your problems.

E: andre@motium.com


Alwyn Lloyd
Engineering Manager

Joining Motium in 2007, Alwyn has dedicated his time in the rugged technology industry to helping our customers. An imaginative problem solver, Alwyn provides leadership on the design and development of our products to the engineering team, and consistently develops and reviews our working processes and procedures to ensure that Motium stays ahead of the curve. In a technically complex industry, Alwyn rises to meet the challenge, delivering to our customers products that meet their current needs and beyond by thinking outside the box and adding extra capabilities that look towards the future.

E: alwyn@motium.com


Scott Channing
Operations Manager

In his over seven years with Motium, Scott has worked across the business gaining the extensive knowledge and know-how that make him thrive as our Operations Manager. Scott is responsible for Motium’s overall operations, from manufacturing and warehousing through to supply chain and procurement. Prior to working at Motium, Scott worked as a gaming analyst where he developed his finely tuned data analysis abilities and people skills. Focused on data-driven decision making, Scott works diligently to get the best outcomes for Motium and our customers.

E: scott@motium.com

Vera Lim
Supply Manager

Before joining Motium in 2017, Vera worked in the procurement industry for five years. Skilled at building relationships to achieve optimal results, Vera oversees the global procurement of the thousands of parts that make up our TUFF products. Vera is all about getting the right parts at the right time for the right price; it is her philosophy that keeps our supply chain running effortlessly and our high-quality products moving out the door to our customers all over the world. Contact Vera with any questions or concerns if you are a current Motium supplier or if you are wanting to be a new supplier for Motium.

E: vera@motium.com

Sarah Smith
Marcoms Manager

Spending almost 20 years in the marketing industry before joining Motium in 2021, Sarah leads our Marcoms team with practiced expertise and flair. Sarah is responsible for developing and promoting all things Motium, taking our already global product and matching it with a global brand. A skilled communicator, Sarah loves working with our vibrant Motium team to show the market why we love our rugged tech products as much as we do! Customers should contact Sarah if they are willing to share the success of their partnership with Motium via testimonials, case studies, white pages, or images and videos of our product in their work environment.

E: sarah@motium.com

Melanie Scurlock
Commercial Manager

A chartered accountant, Melanie has spent more than 15 years working in the mining and IT industries in a financial capacity, predominantly for ASX-listed companies. Joining Motium in 2022, Melanie uses her experience to evaluate how we can use finance to help us achieve our goals and bring our best rugged technology solutions to our customers. Highly organised and detail-oriented, Melanie dedicates her time to solving problems and working with customers to ensure account payment efficiencies and commercially successful partnerships.

E: melanie@motium.com

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