TUFF 15.6

Creating Solutions for Rugged Hardware Problems

IVOLVE (Gladstone Port Authority) – 15.6″

Motium partnered with IVOLVE to create a solution for an issue with their existing hardware. We designed and developed a bespoke 15.6″ screen to replace their unreliable hardware.

Hardware from another Australian manufacturer was extraordinarily unreliable, often failing within a week of installation and operation in the vehicle.

The customer persevered with the supplier for over a year, however after having 100% of their fleet returned at least once and only 40% of the hardware able to be used they approached Motium.

The hardware is part of a proof of concept software system to replace the analogue gauge cluster, with a revolutionary high definition control display in a range of global mining equipment OEM.

We scoped out a drop-in replacement, based on a proven rugged and reliable platform, delivering 100% uptime.

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