Tuff Film  Touch Screen Protection Film

Tuff-Film photo

  High quality film with very low surface reflection.

  Brilliant for sunlight readable applications.

  Excellent anti-smudge performance.

  Easy to clean.

  Durable hardcoat.

  Easy to fit.   Easy to replace.

  Very thin, therefore no impact on touch sensitivity.

  No colour distortion.

  Matte finish.

Motium's TUFF Film touch screen protection film is a multi-layer film specifically designed to protect the surface of touch screens and LCD monitors from scratches and damage that can lead to costly repairs. It has the added benefit of reducing screen and surface reflections to minimise glare and increase clarity.

What differentiates this product from competitors is:

  • Very low surface reflection. This is achieved without causing any discolouration of the image on the LCD screen.
  • Easy to fit. No need to use special equipment or do it in a clean room. As long as the touch screen surface is cleaned first, the film can be easily placed on top. Any trapped air bubbles can be easily worked out, often simply by leaving the panel sit overnight.
    Many products which claim to be easy to fit use an acrylic adhesive. These products are much harder to fit and remove, and air bubbles are easily trapped and very difficult to remove.
  • Easy to replace. The film can be easily removed.
  • Anti-smudge surface. The finger-print anti-smudging properties of this product are well above the performance of similar industry leading products.
  • Easy to clean. The surface can be easily cleaned with a clean, damp, lint-free cloth.
  • This film is ideally suited for use in any application with high ambient light levels or direct sunlight.
  • Matte surface finish. Some anti-reflection coatings are quite glossy, making the screen difficult to read when not looking directly at the screen.

Key Markets
  • Transportation: automotive in-vehicle display.
  • Industrial automation.
  • Panel PCs.
  • Notebook PCs.
  • Tablet PCs.
  • Kiosks.
  • POS.
  • PDAs.


TUFF Film specifications are listed below.
Base Substrate Polyester film.
Thickness PET film: 100um. Silicon PSA adhesive: 75um.
Hardness 3H pencil hardness. Tested according to JISK5400 with 1kg force.
Adhesion 100% using 1mm cross-cut test.
Transparency 91.9%. Tested according to JISK-7105.
Viewing Reflectance Less than 4% between 380nm to 700nm.
UV 99% transmission between 200nm and 280nm.
Haze 0.3%. Tested accoridng to JISK-7105.
Durability No scratches using #0000 steel wool with a force of 500g/cm2.
Solvent resistance Window cleaner, IPA, 10W-40 oil, Coke, coffee, permanent marker, water.
Environmental Humid heat: 65°C and 95% humidity for 500 hours.
Dry heat: 85°C for 500 hours.
Heating 1 hour boiling water. No damage.
Temperature cycling 20 cycles of -20°C to +80°C. No damage.
Heat Environment Sunshine for 300 hours. No damage.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Ordering options

In addition to the standard sizes listed below, TUFF Film can be ordered in any size.
Order Code Description
MTF-300-080 For 8-inch touch screen. 161mm x 121mm.
MTF-300-104 For 10.4-inch touch panel. 212mm x 159mm.
MTF-300-190 For 19-inch touch panel. 378mm x 302.8mm.

NOTE:   Minimum order quantities apply to custom orders.

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