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Motium’s rugged computer and LCD monitor product ranges, including our TUFF Panel PC, TUFF View and TUFF PC, offer excellent sunlight readability and are able to withstand extreme temperatures, electrical transients, and mechanical shocks. Motium also manufactures a rugged, robust, reliable TUFF Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and a range of fully customisable TUFF Cables that are built to last.

All of Motium’s products are manufactured in-house at our Western Australian facility and offer OEM customisations. Motium’s standard range of TUFF products can all be customised to meet specific customer requirements. However, we are also able to design fully custom bespoke products to meet unique customer needs.


Motium's TUFF Range

Providing Rugged Computer Solutions for Your Rugged Technology Problems

Motium creates safe, sophisticated rugged computing solutions that work and are developed by our in-house expertise.

We produce reliable, innovatively engineered industrial Panel PCs / Tablet Computers, LCD Monitors, Fanless Industrial PCs, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Cables that meet extreme environmental challenges and conditions. Our rugged TUFF range and TUFF+ products are available with a variety of customisable options to suit any situation, as one size fits all, does not fit all!

Our solutions span a range of industries including Mining, Transportation, Waste Management, Emergency Services, Industrial Automation, Construction, Defence and Marine, with customers located around the world including Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, India, Africa, South Africa and New Zealand.


Why Motium

Custom TUFF

Motium is an expert in the ground-up design and build of bespoke rugged computers and associated technologies. Our experienced team has the practiced knowledge and skills required to design and manufacture reliable products that are the ideal solution your rugged technology problems.

Here at Motium, we create strong, long-lasting partnerships with all our customers, providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure that they get the most out of their TUFF products.

Working directly with our customers means we continue to evolve our products to match their needs, based on their feedback and experience.


Custom TUFF