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Made Tuffer Down Under

Motium’s TUFF Panel PC, TUFF View and TUFF PC range are able to withstand extreme temperatures, electronic interference, mechanical shock, with sunlight readability. Motium also produces rugged, robust, reliable TUFF Internet of Things (IoT), and networking equipment. Plus, our TUFF Cables are also built to last.

All of  Motium’s products are produced in-house and offer OEM customisations. Motium designs standard products which can be customised to meet specific customer requirements, however we are able to design fully-custom products to meet specific customer requirements.


Motium's TUFF Range

Solving Your Rugged Technology Problems

Motium creates safe, sophisticated rugged computing solutions that work, developed by our in-house expertise.

We produce reliable, innovative engineered Panel PCs, Tablet Computers, LCD Monitors, Fanless Industrial PC, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cables to meet extreme environmental challenges and conditions. Our rugged industrial PC, LCD Monitors and Cables are available in a variety of sizes to suit any situation, as one size fits all – does not fit all!

Our solutions span a range of industries including Mining, Transportation, Waste Management, Emergency Services, Industrial Automation, Defence and Marine.


Why Motium

Custom TUFF

Motium are experts in the ground up design and build of bespoke rugged computing technology. In other words, we will design, develop, manufacture and solve your rugged technology problems.

Motium partners with customers, providing ongoing support, updates and supply – ensuring we continue to evolve our products to match our customers needs.


Custom TUFF