Modern Slavery Policy


The purpose of this SOP is to:  

  • Ensure Motium conducts all business operations to give effect to, and comply with, relevant conventions and Australian laws and regulations enacted to eradicate modern slavery and the exploitation of workers in slave like conditions.
  • Ensure management and all employees are aware of Motium’s ethical obligations and responsibilities in relation to the eradication of slavery and slave like conditions in the company operations and its supply chains.
  • Ensure organisations within Motium’s supply chains are aware of their ethical obligations and responsibilities in relation to the eradication of slavery and slave like conditions.


This SOP applies to all Motium full-time, part-time, fixed-term, contract, casual employee, and suppliers when in a Motium workplace, working from home, or formally associated with or connected to Motium.


Modern slavery is defined by the Modern Slavery Act (Cth) 2018 to include eight types of serious exploitation. Please refer to our People Terminology Tab for relevant definitions.

It can also extend to:  

  • entering into a commercial transaction involving a slave,
  • exercising control or direction over, or providing finance for, any commercial transaction involving a slave or act of slave trading,
  • conducting a business involving servitude or forced labour (including exercising control over the business or providing finance to it).

Policy Statement

Motium will not tolerate any form of human rights abuses, including modern slavery practices in all its forms. Modern slavery is a business risk for every industry and sector, which has severe consequences for victims. Motium recognises its role in protecting the human rights of all people involved in, or impacted by, our business practices. Motium will take meaningful steps to identify and address modern slavery risks and maintain responsible and transparent supply chains.  

Motium will not knowingly engage in business relations with individuals or organisations that cannot demonstrate compliance with this policy and associated international and Australian legislation and regulations relating to human rights.

Motium is committed to allowing the anonymous reporting of breaches of this policy and will take all practicable steps to protect the employee’s identity. All reports pertaining to any breach of the law, regulation or policy are taken very seriously and are assessed and investigated accordingly.


Senior Management Team:

  • Have a responsibility to ensure they demonstrate respect for all human rights and ensure employees, suppliers, contractors, and customers engaged with, and/or on behalf of Motium, understand, comply with, and adhere to the SOP 


  • Must ensure they understand and adhere to the guidelines and standards defined in this SOP. Motium expects any individual who is representing the organisation to respect and support all human rights and to report to management any concern that any employee, worker, supplier, or contractor may be engaging in conduct that may be defined as modern slavery


  • Is responsible for updating this SOP in accordance with any legislative changes

Modern Slavery Procedure


Motium will ensure that relevant employees within the business is suitably trained to understand and recognise Modern Slavery expectations. This is to provide the highest level of certainty to management that Motium’s operations do not contravene any Australian laws and international conventions enacted and established to eradicate the exploitation of workers, women, and children in slave like conditions.

Incident Management, Investigation, and Reporting

Any identified Modern Slavery risks will be treated as an incident and investigated in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act (Cth) 2018.

Minor and unintentional breaches on Motium’s SOP Modern Slavery within the workplace, or in Motium’s supply chains will be managed through training and awareness about modern slavery, due diligence, and remediation processes to ensure any contravening practices cease and do not reoccur.

Where it is found that contravening practices in Motium’s supply chain or workplace reoccur, serious or wilful, so as to deprive workers, women, and children of their basic human rights, Motium may cease to do further business with the offending organisation.

Motium will report serious and wilful breaches of modern slavery legislation and international conventions to the relevant authority. 


Motium will protect individuals that report or identify modern slavery occurring within the business and supply chains.

If an employee, contractor, volunteer or related person to Motium is aware of Motium or a supplier or servicer provided that is breaching the modern slavery regulations, the individual should report the breach to the relevant management. The individual may also make a report through Motium’s in accordance with the SOP Whistleblowing Protection.

Applicable National and International Regulation

Modern Slavery Act (Cth) 2018