Bizlink Employees Shine at Motium

BIZLINK approached Motium last year via an introduction from Support Coordinator Troy to see if there was an opportunity for employment with their clients.

For two decades, Motium has been designing and manufacturing in-vehicle computing products, including fixed mounted tablets, LCD monitors and fanless industrial PCs that withstand the harshest of work environments and toughest industries.

Motium has undergone rapid growth over the past year and is still growing. Motium is passionate about fostering a diverse workplace, as we believe this leads to better outcomes for our organisation.

Production and Assembly BIZLINK Employees, Josh and Scott

BIZLINK Job Search Coordinator, Luke, presented clients Josh and Scott to assist in the Motium production and  assembly areas.

Josh was employed at McDonalds after high school for 3 years via BIZLINK. He had shown great personal and professional growth as well as a keen interest and aptitude to working with and around computers. Josh has been an excellent candidate for Motium.

Scott (pictured) had previous experience working in a fast-paced environment as well as working in customer service. With these skills in place, Scott was able to settle into his role quickly and recently was recognised with a Staff Appreciation Award.

With support from BIZLINK and Motium being a supportive employer, Scott and Josh quickly developed their skills. Under Production Planner Agnes’s encouraging supervision, they have both learned to do multiple tasks within the assembly process. These tasks range from packaging the finished product for shipping, as well as being part of the actual computer assembly.

Warehouse BIZLINK Employees, Durand and Kacper

With the success of Scott and Josh, Luke put forward clients, Durand and Kacper, for roles in the Motium warehouse area.

Durand had come to BIZLINK with experience working for a government department for nearly 20 years in record keeping. He soon found his place with Logistics and Warehouse Manager Nick, where Durand is responsible for ‘Kitting’ the components necessary for productions to assemble the computers.

Kacper comes from an engineering background and was able to use his analytical mind to great success during his trial period. Kacper completed his tasks quickly and found a solution to minimise storage space, freeing up additional room in the Warehouse. Kacper now works with Durand and Nick in the warehouse.

Positive Outcomes 

BIZLINK Support Coordinator Sarah has worked closely with the BIZLINK clients and with everyone involved at Motium. The retention employment rate has been high, all in all clients presented have been a strong job match to Motium needs hence at some point being offered permanent contracts.

Josh, Scott, Durand, Kacper, and the BIZLINK Team thanked Motium for providing this wonderful, fulfilling opportunity, which has created a positive impact in their lives. They also offered their appreciation to the Motium staff, especially Scott, Operations Manager, Agnes, Production Planner and Nick, Logistics and Warehouse Manager for leading a diverse team with equal opportunity and for creating this fantastic partnership.

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