Product Support

“Motium prides itself on the level of product support we are able to provide our customers.”

Our highly experienced Product Support team provides several types of customer support relating to our TUFF range of products, including Custom TUFF. Our assistance begins before becoming a customer with us, and this assistance continues to be available during and after becoming a customer with us.

Our Product Support team fully understand:

  • Support is time critical
  • Support requires an understanding of the total system
  • Interactions with systems allow us to replicate a setup and identify solutions to support related issues

Motium provides the following support to our customers:

  • Support Centre Training including support documentation and diagnostic tools
  • Easy-to-deploy Operating System Images
  • Technical drawings
  • Product Pinouts with interface details
  • User Manuals
  • Access to design engineers and product specialists when required
  • On-site technicians and/or engineers for high-level technical problem solving
  • Technical support (inc. troubleshooting)

Motium continually strives to produce exceptional product support for all of our customers.

Product Support
Meet the Team!

Meet our Product Support Team: Khan Doyle, Elijah Hender, Navod Gunasekara, and Choki Dorji (left to right). Their experience across the entirety of Motium TUFF products will guarantee your rugged hardware problems are solved as they arise!

Our advanced Product Support team has the capability and know-how to work with you to troubleshoot and solve your rugged hardware problems at every stage. Product Support extensively tests new products before they reach customers so they are always prepared for any issues that may arise.

They will also be there to assist you with post-sale support, ensuring that any issue that occurs quickly gets resolved to ensure your operations keep running smoothly.

Contact the Product Support team if you:

  • Have any issues with our hardware
  • Want to better understand your hardware implementation
  • How to make a change to one of our products
  • For any white labelling queries
  • Or for any other support inquiries.


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