New Fashion for Production Team – Dressed to Impress

Working hard and looking smart, the team in Production have been getting down to business while wearing brand new outfits! Arriving this month after a long wait, the new gear consists of potting aprons, and cleanroom gowns and hats.

The grey potting aprons are specially designed to help avoid the marks and stains that are often left behind on clothing by the cable potting compound. 

The pink gowns and matching hats complement the existing blue outfits and bring a new bright vibe to work in the cleanroom. 

They’re not dull! And it is quite exciting when there is something new”, says Marilyn. 

All of this new gear (including the hats!) comes custom printed with the name of each individual team member. 

The new outfits add colour to our lives! Plus, I like that our names are included on the hats and that they fit well”, says Aya.

Our Production team are ready to work looking more stylish than ever! 

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