Motium Embraces New Weekly Fitness Sessions

Motium’s TUFF Team workers are on their way to being as rugged and robust as a TUFF Panel PC! At Motium’s weekly staff fitness classes you can find members of Team Motium getting TUFFer by the toe touch. These classes are run for our rugged computing team by Motium’s own Eugene Low from our Sales team!

Classes offer an opportunity for our team to get up and away from their desk and get them moving more during the workday. They help support fitness levels, master good technique for workout basics, and restart the minds of our team.

This initiative is here to support employee health and wellbeing and to have fun in a supportive environment. “The main part of the journey, and the purpose of this class, is having fun and getting healthy”, says Eugene.

Focusing on a varied mix of stretching, mobility, weights, and cardio, the session is designed to be challenging but not impossible, and it is suitable for all levels of fitness, beginners and intermediates alike.

In a 45-minute class, our TUFF Motium Athletes go through a series of group exercises, partner work, several short individual exercise stations, and finish with a group stretch. A supportive environment for all, this class is full of jokes and smiles and is a great place for our team to build Team Motium camaraderie!

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